10 Things I learned From Going to an All Girls School

As most of you know, I went to an all-girls high school.  High school for me, was a great time.  I met some great people, had great teachers, and of course learned a lot even outside the classroom.  So I thought I’d share some of the knowledge I learned from and with my fellow Royals! Shout out to class of 2011 Zebras!

high school

  1. There’s always a reason to break out in song.

We always had some sort of music at lunch.  It was an outdoor eating area, like most high schools in California. So, we would sometimes have bands play from our brother school.  When there wasn’t bands, there was always the trusty iPod.  We would randomly (as a school and not planned) would sing some High School Musical and The Spice Girls at the top of our lungs!

2. Sometimes pigging out is ok.

With no boys came potlucks.  And potlucks were a huge staple in the diet.  I could not count the number of times we ordered pizza senior year!

3. Learning how to make the perfect messy bun.

Although I didn’t start the “messy bun” phase until after high school, I watched and learned, and can do a bun in 2 seconds flat and be happy with the results!

4. Knowing that sometimes it’s ok to not wear make-up.

When there’s no boys, there’s no need for make-up.  You’re face needs to breathe once and a while and it’s ok if you feel like leaving the house without and once of make-up on your face!

5. It’s always better to read the book than watch the movie.

Senior year of high school, my teacher only showed us clips of the books we were reading.  Talking about the books were more important and got us to really dig deep into the story.  Plus, the books are always better.

6. Having too much school spirit is never a bad thing.

At my school prep rallies, we would have a “spirit belt.”  Whoever was the most spirited class would win the belt and hang it up in their class bulletin board.  Plus, being a cheerleader didn’t hurt for my school spirit!  Always be proud of what you’re involved in!

high school

7. Speaking up if you have something to contribute is important.

Because there was no boys, I was able to speak in class without having a guy talk over me for the teacher’s attention.  I’m not intimidated to talk out when there is guys around and give my opinion on a certain subject.

8. Sometimes comfort beats the cute outfit.

Even though there were no boys to impress, we still did roll up our skirts.  It’s was more comfortable then wearing a long skirt that’s down to our knees.  But when we weren’t in uniforms, and had free dress days, believe me when I say we would wear sweats and uggs.  Comfort is key ladies!

9. You’ll miss the uniforms when you’re gone.

I have never missed my uniform more then when I graduated.  Finding clothes for everyday is hard! I don’t know how public school people did it! I miss my uniform every day and I want it back!

10. How to really be yourself.

When there are no guys 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, you really learn about yourself.  All girls schools give you the confidence to be yourself, and the teachers pull it out of you, by pushing you to what they know you can do!

I could not thank my parents enough for sending to an all-girls school.  I don’t know where I’d be without the lessons and experiences that I had!

high school

And as always..

stay classy

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