Amara Chocolate & Coffee

Recently I went to visit Amara Chocolate & Coffee in Pasadena, California.  As you can tell by the name, Amara sells such things as chocolate and coffee.  But, that’s not all! Churros are a must at this place!  And they also sell breakfast, fondue, and truffles.  With Venezuelan style recipes, the food is a perfect combination of sweet and savory!


For coffee; I ordered the Amara Latte which has a dulce de leche flavor, it delicious and not too sweet.  For food, I ordered the Madrid churros which comes with 6 freshly made churros and a big cup of hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate was so thick and rich that I decided to drunk my churros in.  It was the best idea had.  The taste of the churros and the hot chocolate together was something I have no words to explain.  The atmosphere was very light and fun, with great street views of Pasadena, and natural lighting from the big windows.  I was lucky enough to meet the owner, Amara who was so sweet, and her love for her home country, Venezuela really shows in the food!  If you’re ever in Pasadena, I would highly suggest this place!


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