How I’m Getting Ready for Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls comes back in 3 days onto Netflix!!  If you’re a fan, like me, you’re super excited!

Gilmore Girls is premiering their first episode since 2007 when the show was abruptly cancelled.  The show is called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life which will be a 4 part series.  All of your favorites will be back! Especially Melissa McCarthy getting back to her old character as Sookie St. James.

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I am really excited to see all of my favorite characters again and Stars Hallow in general.  Although I am nervous to see how they are going to handle the death of our beloved TV grandfather, Richard Gilmore played by the late Edward Herrmann.

Now let’s find out how I’m getting ready for Gilmore Girls!

Like any fan, I’m going to have multiple cups of coffee at my disposal.

Eating Gilmore inspired appetizers such as popcorn, red vines, and brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts!  Our main course will be hamburgers and fries.  Unfortunately, not from Luke’s. 🙁  And dessert will be chocolate pudding minus the crystal bowls.

As much as I am abiding by Gilmore House Rules, I will not be participating in one.  This one also just happens to be the most important of them…Talking while the show is on.  Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking.. “HOW CAN SHE?!”  However, I am indeed a talker.  I talk through movies, tv shows, etc.  I even pause the tv so my sister and I can talk about what’s going on and have big (and valid) reactions toward what is displaying on the screen.  Then we can continue.  Mia and I have seen every episode more than a dozen times–so I’m sure that we’ll have a lot to say while we watch the first episode of the 4 parter.

This is how I’m getting ready for Gilmore Girls! How are you?


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