Why I Love To-Do Lists

To-do lists are a personal favorite of mine. I am always making lists!  If someone needs me to do something I ask them to write it down for me.  This does make those around me a little upset but, it’s the way I get things done.

I write them down on both sticky notes and in a notebook. I buy larger size post-it notes (the ones with about 10 lines) for small lists like groceries or reminders. While finding that a notebook  is more helpful when creating bigger lists such as packing for a trip. With trip lists I usually make about 5 of the same lists. I know, this sounds a tad bit extreme. However, I like to make sure that the lists are in the best possible hand writing for easy read. I also like to start crossing things out or highlighting what is already done which needs two separate lists )one fore crossing out and one for highlighting). With that, I then make a new “to-do list” of things that still need to be done.

to-do list


For me, lists also need to be pretty.  Or course pretty is a subjective term so, anything you like will be amazing just for you! When buying new post-it notes I enjoy the assorted stack with bright colors.  This way I can color code each list and then it gives a little ‘pep’ in my lists as well as adding a little more pep in my step for the day ahead.  Plus bright colors and stickers liven up a list and that makes it 10x better!  Even if my lists is of chore duties, I can’t help but be happy with my pretty list.  Any way to make things fun to get stuff done!

Lists also help me stay on track with each task.  Crossing out each assignment I set out for the day feels very rewarding.  This makes me feel like I’ve been productive as well as the feeling of accomplishment when the list is done.

Until next time…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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