9 Month Update-Daily Medication

9 Month Update-Daily Medication

It’s been a couple of months so, I thought I’d give you all an update! It has officially been 9 months without daily medication.

The thing about anxiety is, even with medication it doesn’t actually “cure” it.  You’ll always have days where anxiety will come up. The medication is just supposed to help you cope.  I made the decision that was best for me, which was to not take any medication.  Honestly, I’ve had less anxiety within the last 9 months that I had the nearly 3 years I was on it.  I would advise you do what’s best for you, you know your body and what it needs. However, I would also check with a doctor before making any changes.

I’m also much happier because I no longer have to worry whether I took it this morning or not. Sometimes  that thought creeps up from time to time (even 9 months later) and I then remember that I no longer take medication. It’s almost like I left a prison that I didn’t realize I put myself in. When I would go on trips to make sure it’s on the top of my list of what to bring, setting alarms to remember to take it, turning the car around when I realized I had forgotten, and worrying about running out not having enough time to refill the prescription.

Though my anxiety has been better I’m still learning how to manage it and what causes it. Day by day I’m getting better at it and I’m counting the days to my year mark.  Each day not being on medication is a milestone for me remembering that there was once a time I needed it.


Thanks for reading and continuing this journey with me!

Happy Tuesday!


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