10 Things To Do Before 25

10 Things To Do Before 25

In exactly one month I will be 25 years old! These past years have literally flown by, I seriously do not know where the time has gone! While I’m still coming to terms that I will be a quarter century old and only 5 years until I’m 30, I have put a list together of 10 things I want to do before I turn 25.


Make an expensive purchase

-Be present

Explore my own backyard

-Find a fun from of exercise

-Step out of my comfort zone

-Take on a new sport

-Learn to make a cocktail

-Make a soufflé

-Watch more sunrises

-Print out some of my favorite pictures.


Come on my adventure to 25 while I (try) to complete this list!


Until then…


stay classy

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