Starbucks Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Starbucks Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

As most (if not all) of you know, I am a coffee addict. My go-to is Starbucks because it’s the closet coffee shop to my house, there’s one basically on every corner, plus, I have a gold card (oops).

Since I’ve been drinking coffee, especially Starbucks for so long, I have acquired some tips and tricks to save you money while you’re there!


starbucks hacks



Get a larger cup if you’re just getting a regular coffee. 

I don’t know about you, but every time I order a regular coffee I hate having to pour some of my coffee out to be able to add my half and half. I discovered that if I get the cup a size bigger that I’m getting (for instance, if I’m buying a tall, I’d ask to have my tall coffee in a grande cup), I don’t have to ask for room or pour any of my drink out to add cream and sugar.


Order a triple espresso with the additive you want.

Instead of purchasing a tall vanilla latte, I order a triple espresso with 3 pumps of vanilla in a grande cup (if I get iced I add a little extra ice because I like extra ice) and pour in the half and half myself. It saves you 80cents and you’re getting the same exact drink for less. (a triple espresso with 3 pumps of vanilla is $3.15 and a tall vanilla latte is $3.95).

   Tip: You can also get up to 4 pumps of the flavor for the same dollar amount of 1 pump of a flavor. I think that 3 is the perfect amount of flavoring in the drink.


Order a chai tea instead of a chai tea latte.

You want a chai tea but don’t want to pay so much? Order a chai tea (in a larger cup) and like above, add your own milk! A Grande Chai Tea Latte is $4.45 whereas a Grande (in a Venti cup) of Chai Tea is ONLY $2.45! You save $2!!


Buy 2 Tall Frappuccinos buy a Venti and split it.

You and your friend want the same Tall Frappuccino? Instead of paying $8.50 for two tall frappuccinos, buy a Venti Frappuccino for $5.25 and ask for a two tall cups to spilt!


Bring you own cup.

Though I have never done this myself, I know plenty of people who do, do this. You save 10cents on drinks!


Bring your Venti cup back for more coffee.

I have done this before! If you get (regular or iced) coffee earlier in the day, you can bring you coffee cup back in and get the exact same thing for only 50cents!


Don’t pay for water.

I know you can get a ethos water, but if you ask your barista for a cup of water (I usually get a venti cup of water) the water is free!


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