2 Years Without Daily Medication

2 Years Without Daily Medication

Happy 2019!!

It has now been 2 years without using my daily medication. I am so proud of how far I have come from since first starting daily medication back in 2014.

In 2018, I did not use my rescue medication once! Of course, I had little anxiety attacks, but I was able to get rid of them by techniques I learned that work for me (thank you internet). I didn’t realize this amazing fact until I looked back on my 2018 year and realized that I have the same amount of Ativan (my rescue medication) that I started 2018 with.

To find out what techniques I found work for me, I google searched how to get rid of anxiety attacks. I tried out many different techniques I found on websites, other blogs, and ones that I heard from friends who also have anxiety. I tried them all until I found ones that work for me. What I found useful, is to find a quiet place and quietly tell myself out loud that it’s only an anxiety attack and that I will be ok while taking a few deep breaths.

When I get panic/anxiety attacks my breath is really short, so I have to remind myself to take some deep breaths to get air into my lungs. I also pace a little bit to get some of the nervous energy out of my system. Learning that I need to keep myself in the moment that I am in; instead of going into that “I need to get out of here” place that I would instantly go into when I would have my anxiety attacks.

I also changed the way I have looked at situations. Although I have a bubbly personality, I used to have a negative thoughts. Not those kind, but I always found the negative in situations before I found anything positive. Last year, I realized that being negative only hurt me. I dramatically changed my outlook. It was not easy, however, I learned to be aware of my negative thoughts. Before I finish a negative thought in my head I turn it into something positive. Of course, I still have days where things may not be great; nonetheless I try to find the positive in every situation and figure out how I can learn and grow from what is thrown my way. To be honest, I think that this is a huge part of why I haven’t had much anxiety.

I am looking forward to what 2019 has in store for me. To continue to learn more about my anxiety each day and to try to help others do the same.

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