How To Throw Your Own Royal Wedding Party

How To Throw Your Own Royal Wedding Party

The Royal Wedding is in only 8 DAYS! Now, if you know me, my forever celebrity crush is Prince Harry.  Although I am not the one marrying him, I am so excited to watch him wed and to watch as an American girl (Rachel Meghan Markle) gets her fairytale and her own real life (British) Prince!

I threw a small Royal Wedding party with William and Kate and now I’m going to do it again for Harry and Meghan!


First, you need to dress in proper attire, and the includes a hat!

royal wedding
                            Photo From US Magazine

I would suggest this hat, which is the hat that Kate wore to her sister Pippa’s wedding.



Second, proper refreshments!

royal wedding
                                   Gif Obtained from Tumblr

Because it’s the British Royal Wedding, I’m going to be drinking some British teas. My favorites are Yorkshire Tea and English Breakfast Tea!



Third, Bouquet of flowers:

royal wedding
                                         Photo Obtained from Google

For flowers, I picked Peonies! Peonies are currently in season and they’re my favorite flower (hence the name of my blog).



Fourth, After Will and Kate’s wedding (and after they made their debut on the balcony), they had a brunch back at the palace. When they ate, so did my party. It was around 6am Pacific Time when that happened, so we too ate a buffet breakfast foods!

royal wedding
                                               Photo Obtained from Google

For me and my guests, we had croissants, mimosas, pancakes, bacon, and I even made a quiche! But simple toast, eggs, and bacon will do the trick as well!



Last But Not Least, Dessert! Every wedding has some form of dessert, right?


royal wedding
                                 Photo Obtained from Party City website

For this wedding, I decided to put an American twist. In Honor of Meghan and soon-to-be our very own American Princess, I’m baking American cake pops!


I hope your Royal Wedding Watch Party is as fun as I had writing this!

Tell me how you will be celebrating in the comments below!


Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine and do not own any rights to them.

Until next time…

stay classy

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