Selfie Culture


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Selfie culture…It’s all around us.  Everywhere you go, you will see someone taking a selfie.  I am very guilty of this!  There are even selfie sticks now, which I personally think are very cool! You can add more people into the picture and get your surroundings better in the background.  However, I don’t think I would ever be caught using one.

selfie culture

While writing this article, I decided to read some articles for myself on websites like the Daily Mail, a news outlet located in the United Kingdom, and Vanity Fair online to see what other’s were saying about this certain topic.

People are calling this culture is conceited, narcissistic, and selfish because of their selfish taking, I think that selfies give women in particular more self confidence.

selfie culture

*taken from Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s twitter*

With pressures to look a certain way more than ever, it’s important to feel good about ourselves; and if that means taking a good selfie, then so be it!  One good picture can turn someones whole day around!  Snapchat is an outlet that thrives on selfies.  Taking a good selfie and then posting it to your snapchat story, then seeing how many people respond is always fun.  And yes, I am guilty of posting my good selfies to my story, but a good selfie needs to be shared! Besides, the age you are now is the youngest you will be, so why not show it off with a selfie!

If you’re not hurting anyone (including yourself) while taking a selfie, then why does it matter what others think?

selfie culture

So, the next time you see someone or even you, yourself taking a selfie, don’t judge and join in on the fun! 🙂

And as always..

stay classy


**Comment below with your thoughts on the selfie generation. I’d love to hear them! 🙂

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