Twin Book Club

*Hey all!! I’ve been so so busy this month that I couldn’t find the time to read a new book. 🙁 However, here is an on-the-go app/site that you might enjoy!*

I love reading.  I enjoy getting lost in a world of words and picturing what’s happening, what the characters look like and their style of talking and gestures, falling in love with the underdog, and being sad when the story is done.

About a year or two ago, my sister Mia introduced me to an app called Wattpad.

Wattpad is a website/app that authors alike can publish their works where people can read it, and comment at the end of each chapter.  The reader can  create their own “library” of things they’re reading and get notifications when a new chapter has been added.  The best thing about the site, is that there is literally someone for everyone.  Plus anyone can write their own story and publish it!  Known authors have written on this site, and book deals have been made from this! I adore this site, and love finding new stories.

Mia and I have a very similar style when it comes to the books we like–so a lot of the books in our Wattled libraries are the same.  When we get updates, we’ll each read the story and discuss what we thought about the chapter.  Hence the title, “Twin Book Club.”  We didn’t noticed this until we had a few chapters from a few different books we are reading update and we were discussing if we’ve read them, and what we thought about the ones that we did read.  Then it sort of hit me, we’ve created a mini book club!  We get in discussions about who our favorite characters are, and why we prefer them over others.  If we disagree on a character, we will pretty much make a pro and con list on why one of us should like this character.  I think the only thing that’s not making this a real book club is our lack of wine and cheese! (haha)

If you’re apart of Wattpad, write down in the comments below your favorite stories.  I’d love to hear them!! 🙂


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