Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers are a cute thing to buy your friends without breaking the bank.

Here are some inexpensive items that you can buy!

Gift guide: stocking stuffers

*From Left to Right*

A magazine

I get one in my stocking every year.  I enjoy looking at it and reading the articles in my down time.  It’s also great to have on hand while on a trip during this holiday season!

Gift card

I really enjoy gift cards.  I’d rather receive a gift card where I can buy what I enjoy instead of someone trying to figure out what I want.  It’s easier for both parties, and everyone wins!


You really can’t go wrong with Pez.  As a child of the 90s, I still really like them! I love seeing the different characters that continue to come out and who wouldn’t want to receive a Pez?

Nail Polish

If you’re anything like me, you’re a huge nail polish freak!  My favorite brand is Essie (as shown above).  Essie is the only nail polish that I’ve found that lasts for at least 5 days!

Lip Stain/Gloss/Stick

I love a good lip stick.  I’m definitely a red lipstick girl!  When it comes to lip sticks or lip stains I don’t like the stickiness of a gloss, so I absolutely love this mate lip stain from Sephora!


I realize socks are a bit impersonal and seems like you’ve bought them last minute.  However, if someone bought me socks with something on it that I enjoy, I would not mind at all!  I would love these Philadelphia Eagles socks. *wink wink*


I hope this gift guide helped!

You’re never too old for stocking stuffers!


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