My Week In Pictures

It is that time again…Time for another My Week in Pictures!

This week was rather busy gearing up for the holidays!  However, I decided to document this craziness for this week!



  1. This first one is a bit funny.  I was unpacking boxes at work, and there was a rather large box.  I took of all the contents out and wondered if I could possibly fit in it.  I waited until I was on break, and decided to find out for myself.  I climbed in the box, and low and behold, I fit! So, I took a picture!
  2. Looking at Christmas lights! A tradition I’m sure is in most families who celebrate this holiday.  I love having a cup of coffee in my hands and going through the neighborhoods to find the best one.
  3. Periscope! If you don’t follow me on periscope, it’s through my twitter, @peony_pancakes!
  4. Mia and I are shopping for some of our wonderful Canadian friends and decided to stop by and get a little treat from See’s candy!
  5. With a busy week, I decided to treat myself to macarons from ‘lette and vineyard vines!

Hope you enjoyed this week as much as I have!

stay classy

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