Spiked Hot Chocolate

*Please drink responsibly, no drinking and driving.*

El Nino has officially hit California.  And with rain comes fires in the fireplace and a nice beverage to warm you up.  I thought that a great way to keep with the oldies like hot chocolate, but add a bit of a twist!

Southern Californians and rain do not go together, so there’s a lot of just sitting at home watching movies; which is where the alcohol comes in!  Since there’s no real reason to have to go out in the rain, you can stay home, drink, and not have to worry!

spiked hot chocolate

All you have to do is grab your favorite hot chocolate mix (or make it with cocoa powder and milk or cream)

Put the milk or cream over medium heat and add your hot chocolate.

Take it off the shove or microwave and carefully pour into a mug.

Add in 2 tablespoons (to taste) of kahlua or your favorite type of alcohol.

Lastly, top off with some whipped cream!

spiked hot chocolate

And there you have it– spiked hot chocolate!


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