El Niño Essentials

Since El Niño has already started in California, I have come aware that Californians don’t really know how to dress for rain.  So I decided to make an El Niño Essentials! It will be a series on all things having to do with this wonderful rainy season.

El Niño Essentials: Clothing

  1. Hunter Boots– Rain boots are an absolute must! However, since it doesn’t rain often here in California, people don’t feel like storing them the rest of the year.  But, believe you me, when I say you’ll definitely be thankful when it does rain!
  2. Barbour jacket– This jacket is durable and keeps you warm for those rainy windy days!
  3. JCrew Camp socks- The pure fact that people swear by these socks are true testament to how good they are! Camp socks for when you’re hiking or just keeping warm.
  4. J Brand Jeans– These jeans are the perfect color for rainy weather.  You’ll be fashionable and warm!
  5. Long Sleeve– This long sleeve shirt from Victoria’s Secret is essential! With it’s drapey material, it drapes over all body types perfectly.
  6. Burberry umbrella– We all need something to cover our heads from the rain, right? So why not a sustainable trafalgar check folding umbrella by Burberry?

Hope these helped in any clothing search you had in mind. Until next time!


stay classy

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