How The Parent Trap Ruined My Life as a Twin

*photo taken from google*
*photo taken from google*

Being an identical twin, there were not a lot of television shows or movies that involved twins. So, when there were, we held onto them for dear life because we had finally found something that we related to.  Unfortunately for us, The Parent Trap wasn’t anything like being a twin in real life.

The Long Lost Twin. 

Apparently that doesn’t happen too often.  Mia and I were pretty upset that we never officially were able to meet and realized that there’s just not one of us, but two!

The Accent.

We always thought (because of this movie) that one of us was supposed to have a British accent.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  We both had American accents.

Mia and me
Mia and me

The Hair Cut.

Now, this was a BIG one.  Throughout our childhood years my Mom liked to keep our hair long.  But in the movie, Hallie cuts Annie’s hair and they didn’t get into trouble.  So, in our cute little 5 year old minds, we thought we’d do the same.  We came downstairs with our hair cut..Let’s just say that my Mom didn’t have the same reaction as Annie’s Mom. (Unfortunately we don’t have a picture either).

Camping Trips.

All we wanted to do after seeing this movie was go on a camping trip but our family isn’t the camping kind.  When we got older, we were so thankful for that. haha

A Butler and Nanny.

Aren’t all twins supposed to have one? I guess not.

The Ship.

We’re supposed to have one of those too? Right?

The parent trap

Mixing Up Our Parents.

Since Hallie and Annie could do it, we could too? Not at all.  Fortunately and Unfortunately our parents COULD in fact tell us apart.


Luckily, we still love this movie, and we never really took anything that was done to heart (except the hair cutting..oops).  We still watch it today when it’s on television.


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