Letter To My Younger Self

With my 23rd birthday fast approaching, I thought I would take the time to sit and write a letter to my younger self.  Maybe not so much of a letter, but list things that I thought were the end of the world that turned out false.   Hopefully some will be laughed at, and other’s will shed some new light for the young people of the world.


Dear Nina,

It wasn’t long that I was your age, but it feels like a century ago.  I am writing to you from the older you to give so guidance and wisdom for what’s to come and how to handle everything that is thrown your way.

Let me start on a good note.  Your butt, that your classmates make fun of, they’re in now.  How weird is that?!  Your style has gotten a lot better.  You can actually afford what you like and you rock it!  You also gained a confidence that you never knew you had.  You stand a little straighter, walk a little taller, but most importantly, you like yourself.  And that’s the biggest thing you could ever do for yourself.

Now, for some not so good notes.  You will loose friends, not because it was anyone’s fault, you’ve just outgrown one another.  Take those friendships and learn from them.  Let those friendships go.  It’s hurting you more than it’s hurting them to hold on.  No one said friends are forever.  Well…The Spice Girls did, but they were lying.

You’re going to go through some hardships.  You will feel broken for the first time in your life, but the spark never left your eyes.  Keep that spark, keep going.  Some days will be tough, and I mean really tough.  You can get through them, you got this!  There is a difference between quitting and knowing you have had enough.  Although you feel like the first one now, you will soon realize that it was the second one all along.  You stopped letting that person talk down to you, and belittle you everyday.  You were brave enough to say that you were done, no matter how much it hurt.

What I have learned that I want to pass down to you is, sometimes you won’t get the closure that you need.  That’s ok.  Just don’t let that consume you.  It’s not your fault, it’s theirs.

Now, that I’ve given you the advice you will need for the next few years, let me tell you what you’re like now…

Well, you’re now 22 years old (old, I know)!  You’re still that weird (but charming) spunky kid who loves life!  You run an amazing blog, and you have the best people around you!  Your still amazing and pretty, but most importantly, you’re pretty amazing.  Oh! You FINALLY bought the copper kitchen aid mixer!

But nothing would matter without your family.  Mom, Dad, and Mia have been with us every step of the way.  Singing as loudly as we possibly can.

Also, in the future you might take a little longer to get some things done.  Don’t stress, and especially don’t feel ashamed.  People progress at their owns paces.  Just stay in your lane and focus on what you want!

And the best part of all….

Gilmore Girls is coming back!!


I hope you all have enjoyed the letter I wrote to my younger self.

As always…

stay classy

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