Nighttime Make-Up Look for Brown-eyed Girls

There are a lot of makeup looks that make eyes pop for those with light eyes.  But being a Brown-eyed girl, it seems that there are not many.  So, like any 22 year old, I went to YouTube and looked up tutorial videos for those like me, in the same situation.  I stumbled upon an oldie from Tanya Burr’s Mila Kunis Smoky Eye make-up tutorial.  I first watched the whole thing making sure that this is the look I was going for.  Luckily it was!

After watching it a first time, I decided to watch the video a second time so I can follow along and try my best to recreate it. Unfortunately, I cannot afford all of the high-end products that Tanya has, so I improvised with the makeup I already own.  I am very happy with the results, so I thought I would share my affordable smoky eye makeup look!


Tarte Primer

Eye Shadow:

L’Oreal La Palette Nudes 2

Mac customized palette

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette


Mac 242 brush

Mac 266 brush

realTechniques shading brush

realTechniques blush brush

BareMinerals Face brush


Rimmel Waterproof Kohl Kajal


Essence Lash Princess






First I grabbed my Tarte Primer in the color light. Using my hands, I evenly spread it on my face.

Then it was eye time!

I started out by using Bobbi Brown’s Nude Spice on 3/4 of my eye and crease using my Mac 242 brush

Then I used L’Oreal’s color ‘7’ on the lash line, stopping in the middle of my eye, then carrying it up onto the Nude Spice.  I blended all together with my realTechniques shading brush, adding more to get the eye just right!

Went back to my Bobbi Brown Palette for the color Espresso to put directly on top of the ‘7’ color I used, and blend.

When Tanya mixes two colors, I just added more of Espresso onto my lid making it visibly darker.

For the outer crease, I used Bobbi Brown’s Nude Beach

For the inner corner’s of the eye, I used L’Oreal’s ‘1’ and brought it down to the tips of my tear ducts.

Then I used my Mac custom palette’s color Dazzlelight to add directly on top of ‘1’.

I grabbed my Mac 266 brush and dripped into Bobbi Brown’s Espresso adding it underneath the eye, making sure I blend it out.

Then I grabbed my Kohl Kajal eye liner from Rimmel lining my entire eye.

Last for my eye look, I grabbed my essence mascara applying it liberally for an added effect.

Now that the eyes, are done, I’m going to move to the rest of the face.

Using blush by Nyx in the color Peach, I applied with my realTechniques blush brush. *side note I like the peach blush because it gives me a nice natural flush with my olive skin.*

Then I grabbed my BareMinerals bronzer and brush focusing on my cheeks, forehead, and the t-zone for an all around bronzed look! Also, always bronze your neck! You want to make sure that the skin that shows matches your face!

And here are the results:

makeup look



stay classy

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