Birthday To-Do List

My birthday is coming soon, and it’s important to look your best! I mean, you are turning another year older, go in it with glam! I’ve made a list of some to-dos before the big day, with emoji’s, of course!

birthday to do list


Buy Mia’s birthday present.

I like to buy birthday presents for my sister right before our birthday so she doesn’t have a chance to sneak into my room and find out what I am getting her.

Get a hair cut.

A new haircut is exactly what I want when I go into a new age! I always make sure I go into a new year, looking and feeling my best; and my birthday is no different.

Go shopping.

Shopping for a new outfit is essential to looking my best! Plus, who doesn’t want a new outfit? Basically I’m just using my birthday to buy new clothes.

Getting my nails done.

My sister and I do this every year.  A couple of days before, or even the day before our birthday we go on a mini sister day to get our nails done.  It’s always something really fun to look forward to, and I just love getting pampered!


These are just some of my to-dos to get ready for my big day! If you cannot already tell, I absolutely LOVE my birthday!

And as always..


stay classy

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