My Ellen DeGeneres Show Experience

This Tuesday, I went to my third Ellen DeGeneres show, this time for season 13!  I have such a blast every time, and I am very lucky to be able to have gone as many times as I have.  The taping was for Wednesday’s show, so  I had a chance to see the Kobe interview and prank on the poor esthetician live!  It was so absolutely hilarious in person, I also started crying!  I also saw Will.I.Am perform live with Pia Mia for his new single, “Boys & Girls.”  We also did a bit of taping for Thursday’s show, seeing the lovely dancers from Dancerpalooza, watched a girl win a car, and the adorable 4 year-old named Brielle.



Me, Mia, my Mom, and my Mom’s friend, Becky left the house and was on my way to Burbank for a 1:30 call time.  Always get there early for plenty of time to check in and grab a seat.  Although there are vending machines with snacks and drinks, I brought my own from home to save some money.  We waited for a few hours, but everyone was very nice.  Finally, the Ellen employees came out to tell us who was going to be on the show, and gave us instructions on what to do.  We all waited for about an hour more when they decided to call us up to get numbers, then maybe 15 more minutes until we all lined up numerically to go into the studio.  Me and the other audience members walked across the street and stood in the Riff Raff room for another 20 minutes, until we were all escorted into the stage area, where we were seated.  The recording took about 2 hours, now getting out of the studio until 5 o’clock.  After the taping was over, we were promptly led out back to our cars.

  Because it was so late, we made the decision to get dinner in Burbank.  We settled at a restaurant called Granville just a few miles away from the studio.  The vibe when you immediately walk in is great.  The lighting is low, but still bright, and pictures all over the walls.  For food, I got the Village Burger with substituting potato chips for french fries, which ended up being rosemary fries, and delicious!  After dinner, we drove back to Orange County getting home around 8pm.  Granted, it was a long day of sitting, waiting, and driving; we all have such a blast!  I would definitely do it again.


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