My Favorite Burgers

Anyone who knows me knows that I love hamburgers; I could eat them every day if I could.  I have narrowed my love of burgers to 3 of my favorites just in time for National Burger Day tomorrow!  Without further adieu, here are my favorite burgers!burgers


The first one is Shake Shack which is pictured on top.  The first time I tired Shake Shack, I was in New York in 2013 for my 20th birthday.  My sister, Mia and I had been religiously watching the movie Something Borrowed, and we were DETERMINED to go to the same place that Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski went for lunch!  We immediately fell in love with these burgers that just melt in your mouth.  Luckily, just 3 years later, there is one in Los Angeles, on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood!  I get the single ShackBurger with fries–so delicious!

Next is The Counter, which is shown at the bottom left hand side.  At The Counter, you can either make your own burger, or buy one of their delightful picks! ( I always make my own because I’m a control freak!) My order is..

-All Natural Beef

-American Cheese

-Garlic Aioli

-Lettuce Blend

-on a Brioche Bun

With Shoestring fries on the side!

The Aioli automatically comes on the side, so instead of adding it to the whole burger, I cut my burger into four little pieces, and lightly dip my burger piece into the aioli.  I also use the aioli with my fries which is so good!

The third and last burger place is called Deemer’s American Grill which is pictured in the bottom right corner.  Deemer’s is located in Laguna Niguel on La Paz Road right on the other side of Chipotle.  My usual order at Deemer’s is the Napa without onions and Regular Garlic Fries!  I may hate onions, but I love garlic!  This burger melts in your mouth, with tons of flavor!  It’s just what a burger enthusiast would want in their hamburger!

And there you have it! My Top Three Favorite burger places!  Hope you all enjoy National Burger Day tomorrow!

And don’t forget to…

stay classy

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