How I Relax

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My life has been very chaotic lately, to say the least.  There has been very little downtime, but when there is I have a certain things I like to do to take my mind off go things for a little bit.  Here are some of the things I do to relax:


How I relax


I have a few coloring books, and a bunch of colored pencils.  Coloring is very calming, focusing on what color to do next and how hard to use your colored pencils.




listen to music

Listen to Music

I love closing my eyes, putting on my headphones, and listen to music.  Just listening to the words and the melody is nice when winding down.  I even have a playlist on my phone with nothing but slow songs!  When I want to relax, I only listen to slow songs to try to calm my racing head.  Listening to more upbeat songs will get you pumped and excited and that’s the exact opposite I want to do.




Because of my anxiety, if I don’t get enough sleep I have big panic attacks.  I take naps to relax, not get sick, but most importantly, to not have any panic attacks.  When I’m anxious, I don’t sleep, so to be able to prevent any more anxiety is very important.


doing makeup

Doing My Makeup

For me, doing my makeup is very relaxing. It’s sort of like coloring, because you are creating art, but on your face!  I absolutely love doing my makeup, and getting ready really helps me relax.



Watch TV

I am a big reality tv show person.  Sometimes watching other peoples problems and focusing on that helps me not focus on what’s going on in my life for a hour.  (I suggest the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise)!

There you have it!  Some of my ways of how I relax!

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