My Favorite Instagram Posts from This Week

Hello Everyone–I’m back!  Here are some of my favorite pictures that I’ve posted from Instagram this week!

krispy kreme doughnuts

As tradition, my family and I go out to look at Christmas lights!  We decided to stop at our nearby Krispy Kreme Doughnut to get some warm original glazed.  They were so so good and just melted in my mouth as I was biting into them!  I had to stop myself from eating too many.


cards against humanity

If you know my family personally, you know that we love playing Cards Against Humanity!  I needed a reason to go to Target, and I found just the reason, to get the second and third expansion packs!  We decided to play Monday night with our new decks after dinner.  We laughed so hard that our stomachs hurt!


Mia and me

Mia and I decided to take an end of semester picture on Tuesday (although she is still taking finals).  I am sporting my new Philadelphia Eagles windbreaker (thanks Dad)! And Mia is wearing my raspberry colored sweater.


USA tree from Reagan Library

This picture…Last but certainly not least!  My family and I took a tiny trip to Simi Valley to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library!  There was a Christmas Tree Exhibit with Christmas Trees dedicated to all 27 countries that President Reagan went to during his two terms as President of the United States.  There were some gorgeous trees! Some of my favorites were Italy, The Vatican , France, and Ireland.  My absolute favorite is the Christmas tree above which is dedicated to the US of A.  The tree really shows how much President Reagan loved America.   Next to the tree is a picture of the late Nancy Reagan sitting on Santa’s lap!

Thanks for joining me to take a  look at my favorite pictures from this on Instagram!


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