My Favorite Beauty YouTubers

For the past 4 months I have been avidly watching 4 amazing YouTube channels.  They all deal with makeup and some also talk about fashion.  I have received great makeup advice from watching these channels!  **These are in no particular order!

favorite beauty youtubers

The First channel is Fleur DeForce.

favorite beauty youtubers

If you recognize the name, it’s because I wrote a post about her book on my Book of the Month.  Click here for the post!

Fleur is located in England.  I’ve been watching for videos for about 2-3 years.  Not only does she give great makeup advice but she gives great tips on Christmas presents for your boyfriend/husband, mom, dad, and friends during the holidays.  She is currently working on a few lipsticks with MAC and has her own lipgloss, eyeshadow, makeup bag, and eyelashes.  And of course her book!  She is very down-to-earth and relatable.

The second channel Casey Holmes:

favorite beauty youtubers

I have been watching Casey Holmes for only a couple of months now.  I enjoy watching her because she has problematic skin such as acne and bigger pores which I can relate to.  Casey suffers from a skin condition called rosacea, which turns the skin red due to enlarged blood vessels.  But you can never tell when she’s wearing makeup!  I enjoy watching YouTubers with brown eyes to see what new makeup looks that I can do.  Casey also did a collaboration with Smashbox on TWO different highlights. One is pearl and the other is gold.


The third channel is Eleventhgorgeous:

favorite beauty youtubers

The YouTube channel Eleventhgorgeous is run by two sisters; Stefanie (left) and Tracy (right).  Like Casey, I’ve only been watching them for a couple of months.  They give great makeup tips and they also have their own online clothing store which they wear in their videos regularly (so cute)!  These girls are such a blast to watch and really feed off of each other’s energy.  Both have different ways of doing their makeup so when they’re doing makeup on a video it’s nice to be able to really get two different looks from them as well as being able to compare the two next to each other.  They also compare makeup subscriptions such as ipsy and BirchBox.


The fourth channel is Tati:

favorite beauty youtubers

Tati aka GlamLifeGuru aka Tati Westbrook.  

I started watching Tati’s videos around the same time as I started watching Casey’s and Eleventhgorgeous’.  Tati isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks about a product.  For example; she has WTF Reviews to let the viewer know if a high end product is worth the price, First impressions when she tries something for the first time on camera so we can get her real reaction, and Hot or Not showing whether she likes it or not. Just to name a few.  She’s very fun to watch and her personality just shines through. Tati does not have any makeup out that I know of.   She is also a makeup artist and stylist.   Tati is probably the most popular Beauty YouTuber.


Happy Watching!


stay classy

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