Sip and Colr-Review

Sip and Colr (their spelling, not mine)  is a new company located in Irvine, Tustin, Anaheim, and Huntington Beach, California. Where you get to enjoy wine and paint some gorgeous paintings.

Mia and me

I have not yet been here because of the lack of professionalism of the Sip and Colr owner.

I have been corresponding through emails with the owner of Sip and Colr for the past 3 weeks trying to find days I could go and enjoy some painting.  The first time I tried going, I did not recieve a confirmation email finding out if my spot was saved therefore I didn’t know if it was going to happen so I made other plans.  Then the second time the founder said that there weren’t enough people going and that there needed to be at least 6 seats filled for them to put on a class.  This most recent time (yesterday would make 3) I find out 3 hours before the event was supposed to happen that it was cancelled.  If you know me, I hate cancelled plans especially at the last minute.

I heard from him on Friday afternoon asking which class I wanted to go to (even through I had told him in an email the day before) so, I wrote back my response as quickly as I could saying that I’d like to attend the class for the following Monday…Then radio silence.  I never heard from him all weekend (every weekend that I have been corresponding with him for that matter).  Then yesterday happens… It was early afternoon and I hadn’t heard from him so, I decided to email him because I didn’t know what was going on with last nights event.

I get an email  3 hours before going to the event telling me that it’s been cancelled.  Thank goodness I emailed him yesterday afternoon because if I were to show up at the restaurant (the classes take place at different restaurants) and there was not a class being held I would be very upset. According to this man, it was cancelled due to too few of people coming.  Yes, it is understandable.

However, on the website it showed that there were 8 of 16 spaces left to fill.  I had checked the website throughout the week to make sure that there was still room for me to go.  Alas, there were still only 8 people.  I was going to go and bring a friend to make the experience more fun.  Now, I’m not very good at math here, but I’m going to say that 8+2=10.  There would be enough people attending to have a class.

Honestly, I’m rather annoyed at the unprofessionalism of this business.  I understand that people don’t want to work on the weekends however, when you’re starting a new business and a blogger writes to you giving free promotion I would think that sending an email is less than strenuous work.

The owner definitely left a sour taste in my mouth about this whole situation.  But I said that I would write a review and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

There are several businesses in my local area that do these classes.  I am looking forward to taking one of those.


As always!


stay classy

3 thoughts on “Sip and Colr-Review”

  • Wow. That really is unprofessional, and odd. If the company was just starting out, you would think they would allow the class to take place anyway, just so people realize how much they {potentially} like it and bring more people with them next time. I hope you find another class to attend, because they are lots of fun! But if you’re anything like me, they’ll be a little stressful as well. {I’m a bit of a perfectionist…hahaha…so paying attention to each and every little detail was crucial, which caused me to run very low on time!}

    • I thought it was weird as well, so I wrote about it. I’m looking for another type of class to attend and hopefully I find one! That sounds like me! I’ll never finish! haha

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