Mother’s Day Gifts Made Simple

Mother’s Day Gifts Made Simple

On Tuesday’s post, I did Mother’s Day gifts which featured some past gifts that I’ve given to my Mom.  These gifts were also on the pricier side of the spectrum.  So, today I’m going to do Mother’s Day Gifts Made Simple!  These are less expensive, but have a lot of heart.  Perfect for the “last minute” kid,  “broke college student,” or if you’re just low on money.


Mother's Day Gifts Made Simple


Homemade Card- To this day I always make homemade cards.  Not just for my parents, but really for anyone in my life that I consider close.  Homemade cards show how much someone means to you.

Vase– The flowers need to be kept in something, and no one can have too many vases…Right?

Breakfast Tray– Bring Breakfast easy with this tray.  It’s inexpensive plus, you can use it over and over again!

Coupon Book– If you’d rather not make a homemade coupon book (or don’t have enough time), there are always pre-made coupon books at the store.


Happy Friday!

stay classy






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