Easy and Healthy Burrito Bowl

Easy and Healthy Burrito Bowl

Second food post in one week?? Crazy, right? But this was so delicious I had to share it with you all! 🙂

On Tuesday I was so hungry for Chipotle but I didn’t want to spend the money in gas and cash to get food.  Instead I decided that I was going to make a healthier version.  Let’s see how I made this easy and healthy burrito bowl!

burrito bowl

What you’ll need:

-Rice (whatever kind you have works)

-Chicken breast



-Your choice of salsa


burrito bowl

I made rice as usual and set it aside.   Then I boiled a chicken breast cut into the pieces that I wanted (shredded also works).  While I didn’t have any fresh tomatoes to make a mild salsa like chipotle, I did have two different salsa’s in the refrigerator to add to my dish.  I found some corn in the freezer so I let thaw and then added that along side the chicken and salsas.  I grabbed a can of black beans and topped the dish off with some cilantro.  This bowl is so good it doesn’t even require and dressing or sour cream (like chipotle).  The canned and frozen beans and corn may not be the healthiest however, it’s better than all of the salt that is added to the corn and mild salsas at Chipotle.  This is very simple to make and doesn’t take much time to prepare.

burrito bowl

Enjoy THis healthy burrito bowl!


stay classy

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