Honor Coffee

Honor Coffee

Last Friday I went to Honor Coffee on Lido Island, Newport Beach, California.

It’s very quaint and beautifully bright white with detailed molding.  There is a rustic wood table community table in the middle of the shop and a few two-seater tables in front of the large window that has a great view of the other unique businesses.  In the back on the shop, there is also a private room but as of yet there are no tables.  This shop has only been open for a few months but I think it’s made a big splash!  The barista that was there at the time was so nice and very patient with my friend and me while we were trying to decide on what to get.  There was also no one in line so we didn’t feel the need to rush.


Honor coffee


I got a coffee called a Cortado and my friend got an Vanilla Iced Latte.


Honor Coffee

Cortado is a double espresso drink with steamed milk.  It’s a short drink–it comes in a small cup just as something like a flat white would.  It was definitely one of the best drinks I’ve tasted!  I didn’t think it was too strong, but I enjoy strong coffee.  My friend however did this it was too strong when she tried my coffee.  If you’re not a fan of stronger coffee’s I would suggest to stay away from this drink.  I love when I got my drink that there was a little design!  It was so cute that I had to take a picture.


I’m definitely going back in the future (maybe when it’s not so hot out) to grab myself another Cortado!


Honor Coffee

3400 Via Lido

Newport Beach, CA 92663


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