Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Here are some of the finds I discovered this week I loved them so much that I thought I’d share with you all!  I really think these items are so cute for Summer.  This heat (at least in Southern California) shows no sign of letting up so it’s the perfect time!

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Friday Finds


Essie Nail Polish

I love this nail polish.  Light pink nail polish is very in right now.  It’s the perfect color for Spring/Summer as well as a nice color when you want to have a neutral tone but, still colorful.

Shiri Sandal

This sandal is wonderful to really dress up an outfit especially for Spring and Summer.  With the heat not slowing down any time soon, these sandals will get much use.

Elan Gingham Dress

This dress goes well with the Shiri Sandal.  Wearing two different patterns is very “in” right now. They’re both blue and white and stays with the color scheme while wearing different patterns.  This dress would look perfect from morning until night (with a nice natural makeup look as well).

C’Est La Vie Floppy Hat

Not only does this hat say “C’Est La Vie,” it’s also super cute!  Wear this to the beach, pool, or lake.  This floppy hat is a good investment seeming to never go out of style.

Gaia Bamboo Bag

This bag has made a HUGE comeback from the 80s and now back into our lives!  While, new to millennials this bag gives a fresh take on an old look.   This bag goes with a cute sound dress to going with jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s a fun bag to have and goes with any outfit!


Hope you enjoyed my Friday Finds!


Until next time…


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