Portfolio Coffee

Portfolio Coffee

On my quest to try as many coffee places as I can, I recently landed at Portfolio Coffee in Long Beach, California.

Portfolio is right off of a main street with only metered parking.  I quickly (and luckily) found a meter spot, dropped in my quarters, and walked up to the shop.  On the window to the right of the entrance to the coffee shop there is a sign stating that they were voted best coffee house in Long Beach!  This made me even more excited to try this.

portfolio coffee


Right when I walked into Portfolio, I saw that there were tables and chairs along with couches and an eclectic group of people; from hipsters, to Moms and their young children, to firemen grabbing a cup of joe.  When I got in line, I immediately saw the cute sign that says “Portfolio” in letters of different colors and sizes and even some with lights!

As I got up to order my coffee the barista made me feel very rushed which is what no customer wants to feel. Not feeling very spontaneous, I ordered an iced coffee (iced coffee is my go-to drink).  I received it quickly after I ordered and I began to make my drink.  Unfortunately there was no half and half so, I had to settle for regular 2% milk.  When I finished making my coffee I looked directly to my right to find another room in the back with a big community table in the center and tinier 4-seater tables on the sides.  Finding no where to sit front or back of the shop, I walked back to my car and took a sip of my coffee.  My expectations were a little heightened due to the “#1 in Long Beach” sign.  To my surprise I found that my coffee tasted burnt.  I continued to take a few sips here and there as I made my way back home but, I stopped at a drive-thru grabbing a soda to get the burnt taste out of my mouth. Over all, the experience wasn’t that great, but I enjoyed the inside of the coffee shop.


“May your coffee be strong and your [day] be short.”


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