Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween at Disneyland

Although this wasn’t on my fall bucket list, it definitely should have been.  I love going to Disneyland during fall because it’s Halloween!  I missed Halloween at Disneyland last year because I didn’t end up getting my pass until December. But, I’m so happy I made it this year!

I don’t know about you, but the gloomy weather and pumpkin gave me some massive Halloweentown vibes!

Because of Nightmare before Christmas it’s basically Christmas as well; which I absolutely love.  Going into the park was packed! I have never seen so many people at Disneyland before on a weekday!  The Disney train was running again so I hopped on! I traveled through the park looking at all of the beautiful Halloween decorations loving every moment.

Despite the fact that I ended up not having enough time to go to California Adventure, I did manage to take a picture of the entrance!  It’s so pretty and decked out in Halloween Decor!

Halloween at Disneyland


Before heading home, I had to make a stop at the candy store picking up what I think are the best caramel apples I’ve ever seen, Maleficent and the Evil Queen!


Halloween at Disneyland

Of course I had to get both, you can’t have just one Disney villain, can you?  I’m definitely going to take advantage of the Fall time and go a bunch more!



Until then..Happy [Disney] Halloween!


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