Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

With Halloween in exactly ONE WEEK I decided to put together some easy DIY Halloween costumes! You’ll be sure to look cute and you can wear these again!

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Easy DIY costumes


The first costume is Boo from Monster’s Inc. If you have not seen Monster’s Inc. you’re missing out. The cute Disney movie will have you love this little girl that Mike and Sully named “Boo”.  She snuck into the Monster world and now Mike and Sully are trying to get her out.

What you’ll need:

Pink shirt//light purple leggings//Keds

The second costume is Cheryl Blossom from the CW show Riverdale, which is based off of the Archie Comics. Cheryl is from the well-known Blossom family and is the Captain of Riverdale High’s cheer squad knows as the River Vixens.

What you’ll need:

Yellow baseball t-shirt//navy blue dolphin shorts//yellow varsity striped knee socks//keds

Last, but not least Olivia Newton-John in her Let’s Get Physical music video. If you’re not some type of workout person for Halloween are you really doing Halloween right?

What you’ll need:

Pink leotard//red leggings//pink leg warmers


Hope these helped! If you have any suggestions put them in the comments below!


Happy Halloween!


stay classy

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