Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween is upon us! I am so excited! I love dressing up, but now hanging out with friends instead of trick-or-treating.  Although, too be quite honest, if people didn’t ask me how old I was while trick-or-treating I still would.  I’ve always had such wonderful memories of Halloween time as a child and I thought that I’d get into the spirit and decorate some pumpkins!

This is great for kids!

The supplies you will need are:

2 pumpkins of your choice

1 paper plate

1 paper towel (in case of mess ups!)

2 metallic sharpie paint pens

pumpkin decorating

I like to use real pumpkins because the white doesn’t look artificial also, there is no storage after the fact because they will be thrown away.


The first pumpkin, I just used the gold pen, coloring in the stripes every other one.

pumpkin decorating

I had to be careful, because of the wet ink and it was getting a little bit on my hands, but it was very easy to wash off.


pumpkin decorating

And this was the final product!! 🙂

Next, I decided to use both the silver and gold pens, with polka dots!

pumpkin decorating

I first did one gold polka dot, every other stripe.  Repeating the same for the gold.

pumpkin decorating

I did this to make sure that there was an even number of both gold and silver dots! (I am very picky about things being even!) After I did the opposite of adding silver dots on the gold stripes and gold dots on the silver lines just to fill up some of the negative space.

pumpkin decorating

And the finished product!

They dry fairly quickly, but I would still wait at least 10 minutes before setting them somewhere that would potentially be ruined.

This was very fast and simple, and a great way to add a little Autumn touch to a room!

pumpkin decorating

Hope you enjoyed!

And as always…

stay classy

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