Tomato Basil Bisque

Fall has finally come to California!! I no longer have to turn on the air conditioning at night, I wake up to cold mornings, and I can actually wear a sweater or sweat shirt without getting a heat stroke mid day.

Cold days call for warm food–which means bisque!! I absolutely love bisques! Soups are a bit too broth-y for me, but the cream in the bisque gives it some thickness.


*Photo taken from It’s All About The Yummy.

I was utterly obsessed with a tomato basil bisque at a grocery store called Bristol Farms.  One day I while halfway out the door to go back for more, I realized to save costs, and to control what I put in, I’d make my own!  I went straight into the kitchen and made up a recipe.  That night, my family had it for dinner, and it was (not to toot my own horn) amazing! It’s creamy with just the right amount of basil!  I love eating this with cut baguette slices, it’s delicious!

If you want my recipe click this link!

Hope you enjoy!

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