Chocolate Dipped S’Mores

What’s the first thing you think of when you say s’mores?  Bonfires? Friends?

When you taste this s’more all you’re going to think of is YUM!

I decided to make my own twist on s’mores.  I never really understood the chocolatey goodness until now.  I am obsessed with this recipe that I’ve created!

What you’ll need:

Chocolate (anything that you can melt and dip easily)

Graham Crackers


Peanut Butter (whichever you prefer)

Wax Paper or Sil Pad

Kitchen Scissors


First, you’ll need to break the graham crackers in half so they’re perfect size!

Then add your peanut butter onto both sides of the graham cracker.


Next, you melt the chocolate!  I bought melting dark chocolate because it’s easier for me to temper chocolate then put it in the microwave.  Also, I love dark chocolate!  Make sure it’s fully melted


Cut the marshmallows in half and place next to each other on one side of the graham cracker and place the other half of the graham cracker on top.


Add the other side of your graham cracker on top and dip into the chocolate


Then dip into your melted chocolate!


Let the chocolate set onto your sil pad or wax paper.


Voila! And there you have it! Peanut Butter Chocolate dipped S’mores!




stay classy

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Dipped S’Mores”

    • Agree. There is no fire involved in making these s’mores (unless you temper you chocolate). But microwaving chocolate is quick and easy!

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