El Niño Essentials: Snacks

Being inside all day can be a little boring.  While watching the movie list, one might get a little hungry, especially with kids.  And because it’s the new year and we’re all sticking to our resolutions I’ve made a (slightly healthy conscious) snack guide that everyone will love!

El nino snacks

-In my family, we always make homemade pizzas and now you can too! Pick up some dough at your local grocery store (along with some other goodies to add on) and you’re on your way! It’s a great way to get your kids to help you and create something that you love without having to spend a lot of money.

-Popcorn…You cannot watch a movie without popcorn! While you’re at the store, pick up some popcorn kernels to make your own! It’s healthier and very easy!

-We all love chips, so why not make your own out of tortillas and just add some salsa!

-Nature Valley thins are very addictive! I could eat an entire box! For a healthier snack, I would suggest these! There is chocolate at the bottom, so it’s a perfect salty and sweet combo!

-Rasberries, these are the same for me with the nature valley. Also, add them to vanilla ice cream! Your mouth will thank you!

-Ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s is my personal favorite! It’s your own little ice cream while you’re watching the movie for a great post-dinner dessert!

-Macarons.  I have yet to master the art of baking macrons. But lucky for all of those macaron enthusiast like myself, there is ‘Lette macarons to help!

Drinks! If you’re going to stay home, there’s always the choice of an alcoholic beverage.  But if you’re not much a of drinker, water, soda, or tea will work just fine!

Enjoy the movie and of course you’re wonderful snacks!


stay classy

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