Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching.  I’ve decided to make a gift guide for all the last-mints shoppers for your loved ones, friends, significant other, and yourself!  I mean, way not treat yourself?  This holiday is for the people you love, and that includes you!

valentine's gifts

Lokai bracelet

My sister actually bought my Mom and me one for Valentine’s day last year.  I absolutely love mine and I wear it all the time!  The white beed has water from Mt. Everest, and the black beed has dirt from the Dead Sea.  It’s pretty inexpensive and it’s so cute! Plus, some of the proceeds go to charity!

Diptyque Candle

This rose scented candle comes from Ditptyque’s Valentine’s Day collection! If you or our loved one loves candles (and roses) I would definitely suggest this candle!

Teddy Bear

I mean, who doesn’t love a teddy bear? I certainly do!  This teddy bear comes in THREE DIFFERENT SIZES!  If that’s not the coolest thing, then I don’t know what is!  I personally would love the biggest one!

Jack Daniel’s 

This is a great gift for the Whiskey lover in your life! From apparel to drinks, this present shows that you pay attention to the drinks and things that they like.

Braun Analog Watch

This men’s watch is wonderful for that special man in your life.  It’s nice and sleek and gives you everything you can ask for in a watch.

Jo Malone Cologne

I think that cologne is a great gift for your man!  With woody and floral scents gives a great balance between masculine and feminine.  It’s a smell that everyone will want!

Valentino Pumps

This is a perfect gift just for you!  These adorable pumps can spice up any outfit!


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