Fun Links To Brighten Your Day

links to brighten your day

Sometimes I just want to watch some funny videos.  I never have a sent video I want to watch, so I browse (for God knows how long) through YouTube until I find something that makes me laugh.  So here you have it, some videos that I have found for you to watch whenever you just want to have a laugh!

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

This is Jerry Seinfeld’s web show with guest Amy Schumer.  In this episode, whatever could possibly go wrong does, and Amy handles it was class (and laughs).  I love watching this series!

NFL Bad Lip Reading Part 1

Part 1 of 2016 Bad Lip Reading NFL edition has finally come out!  I have to say, I think my all time favorite its from 2015, but this will do.

Loopy Twins Wisdom Teeth

For some reason I love watching Wisdom Teeth videos when the poor patients are loopy for the aftermath.  I myself, have never had my wisdom teeth taken out, but I feel that if my sister and I got ours out the same time (she already has her’s out) then this would be us!  I would say that I’m Hailey, and my sister is Courtney!

Jimmy Fallon Hashtags

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he does a hashtag for all of those at home based on the hashtag.  This one is hash tagged “Dad Quotes”.  If you think Dad Jokes are funny, you’ll love this!

Brother Sister Butt Song

You know Miranda Sings on YouTube, right? Well, the girl behind her, Colleen Ballinger also has a YouTube channel.  She and her brother played ukulele’s while smashing songs about butts together.  I don’t know why, but I was entertained. It was very funny.

Frozen-Gay Best Friend Version

This is a rendition of the Disney movie’s Frozen song “Love Is An Open Door” With Kory DeSoto and Colleen Ballinger.


These are just some of the Links that brighten my day! Let me know some of yours in the comments below!

And as always…

stay classy

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