My Week In Pictures

It’s that time again, another My Week in Pictures!!  This past week has been a very busy one!  I met a lot of great people, helped a great cause, ate some great food, and got to spend it with some amazing people! Now let’s get started!

my week in pictures

  1. On Friday, my sister and I decided to have a partial sister day (only able to spend half the day together) but we had lots of fun and laughs, and even got some lemonade!
  2. This was a busy day! Mia and I started our Saturday at 6am and took part with Walk With Hope to raise awareness with suicide prevention in teens due to mental illness.  Then at night, we went to the Clippers game where they unfortunately lost to the Atlanta Hawks.
  3. Sunday Mia and I went to get Chipotle! I know this doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but I used to work at Chipotle and I hadn’t eaten it since before the E. Coli outbreaks, and I was very excited!
  4. On Monday, my family and I watched The Bachelor The Women Tell All.  And of course I had to use a picture of Olivia to show just how I was feeling while watching it.  I think the picture captures the night perfectly.
  5. Tuesday my Mom, sister, and I had a girls coffee (me tea) morning! It was just what we all needed! We haven’t spent a coffee date together in a few weeks.
  6. I went to Sprinkles on Wednesday for a BOGO! I tried the Irish Chocolate and Chai cupcakes! both were delectable!
  7. I took my first food adventure in a while on Thursday and decided to try Jack in the Box tacos.  They were surprisingly very delicious! I wanted more!

Well! There you have it, my week in pictures!  Hope you all had a lovely week, and I wish you a lovely weekend!!

Until next time…


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