Post St. Patty’s Bloody Mary’s

St. Patrick’s day was yesterday.  I, as a 22 year old gal, have an incline that some of you may have celebrated this day a little too hard, am I right?  Maybe you have to wear sunglasses in the house and no loud noises?  Well, that’s ok because I have the perfect Bloody Mary recipe to fix that awful hangover that is looming right at this very moment!

bloody mary

I have heard that you can only fix a hang over with more alcohol.  But I have not tested that theory myself.  But let’s give this recipe a go!


4 cups Tomato Juice

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1/2 teaspoon Tabasco (or any hot sauce you like)

1 Lime

1 cup Vodka

1 celery stick

1 piece of bacon

Horse Radish is also something that some people enjoy–it gives the a bit more spice but it’s definitely for those with stronger palette’s.  So if that sounds like you add a teaspoon of the Horse Radish.

bloody mary

I hope you all had a memorable, fun, and safe St. Patricks day!  May your hangover be light!

And don’t forget to

stay classy

2 thoughts on “Post St. Patty’s Bloody Mary’s”

  • I get together monthy with a group of friends for Sunday brunch and next time is my turn to bring the alcoholic beverages, this is definitely going to be on the menu!

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