Lucky number 13

lucky number 13

Today (as you know) is Friday the 13th.  While being Italian-American, we believe that the number 13 is lucky, we are very superstitious.  I have gathered a tiny list of things to help make your day more lucky!


Make sure to knock on wood.


To make sure there is no bad luck, make sure that after anything you say to knock on wood!  If there is no wood by you, use your head.


Be Positive.


When you’re positive, sometimes your day goes right along with it!


Carry your lucky charm.


Has your lucky charm ever let you down before?  Make sure to have it with you all day!  For  Italians, we always have our bull horn necklace on.


Bake 13 cookies.


Nothing is lucky about these, but you’ll be lucky after because you have cookies! But make sure you make a baker’s dozen which is 13! I suggest making these cookies!


Watch your favorite movie.


Nothing makes me happier than watching my favorite movie on a scary day like today.


Stay Home.


If you don’t have to go out, why go out at all?


But most of all…


stay classy

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