National Donut Day

Today is National Donut Day!  I, for one, love donuts–and very picky about them.  Well, not so much picky, as I “not fancy”.  I enjoy the donuts I grew up on rather than the fancy ones with bacon that are around today.  I have decided to pick my five favorite donuts and say what I liked about each one!


Now, in no particular order..


The glaze twist is so good!  It’s crispy on the bottom, soft and glazed on the top, and the dough on the inside just great all by itself!


The chocolate and the chocolate twist both taste good, however, the chocolate donut is nice a plain on the bottom, and enough chocolate on top to be too overwhelming.

IMG_6568The glaze donut, and glaze twist is equally as good, this donut is just smaller, and has a whole in the middle!

cake donut

The white frosted cake donut is just delicious! Crispy all around, and the taste of the sprinkles with the inside donut is so so tasty.  Plus, you can never have a bad day with rainbow sprinkles on your donut. 🙂


And last but not least, a plain cake donut.  I don’t know what it is about a plain cake donut, but I’ve always loved them.  I would order one every time I’d get donuts with my mom when I was little, and she would ask me a 5 time minimum if I was sure I wanted this particular one.  It was always a yes.

I hope you all enjoy your National Donut Day!


stay classy

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