How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Me, being an avid coffee drinker that I am, I am very particular about how I like my coffee. I take my coffee strong, with a little half and half, two sugars and ice!  Some people drink it because it gives them energy, some because that’s just a part of their morning routine, and if you’re like me, it’s just because you like the taste.


I don’t drink it everyday, however, I have arranged with my mom and myself that I would only get a coffee two times a week, so my money doesn’t all go to coffee as well as becoming so addicted to coffee that I’ll have to drink it unless I get a headache.  You might be wondering why I’m consulting with my Mom about this at 23 years old, but that’s our relationship.  No matter how old I get, she’s still my mother, and I will always listen to what she has to say because she has my best interest at heart.

I usually go out to get my coffee, but on the off chance that I don’t, I like to sit outside in my backyard, flip through a magazine or read a book where the sun hits my face perfectly and it’s not too hot or too cold that I can wear a long sleeve shirt or bring my blanket with me.


Reading materials give me ideas and time to relax before my day really starts!  To make sure that I’ve fully woken up from my nights sleep and facing my working day head on!


Tell me how you take your coffee in the comments below!

stay classy

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