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Today is Flag day! One of the great holidays of the year because we get to celebrate our flag and therefore our beautiful country!  I have put together a list of facts and a bit of history about our dear American flag.

  1. What the colors of the flag signifies:

Red– Valor and Bravery

White- Purity and Innocence

Blue– Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice


2. On August 3, 1949 President Truman signed an Act of Congress making June 14th Flag Day


3. When the flag is hung in a window, the blue union is placed in the upper left viewed from the street.


4. When two or more flags are flown from the same pole, the American flag must be on top.


5. The first flag day was on June 4, 1889 when a Kindergarten teacher in New York City planned a ceremony at the school observing flag day, later adopted by the state Board of Education in New York.


6. The Difference between half-mast and half-staff:

Half-mast- A point some distance but not necessarily halfway down below the top of a mast or staff or the peak of a gaff.

Half-staff- used of a flag or a flagpole.

**However, both words may be used interchangeably for general use.


7. When to half-staff the flag:

May 15th- Peace Officers Memorial Day (from sunrise to sunset)

The last Monday in May: Memorial Day

September 11-Patriot Day (from sunrise to sunset)

Sunday, the week of October 9th- Fire Prevention Week  (from sunrise to sunset)

December 7th- National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

And if a former President, Vice-President, current or former Chief Justice, or current Speaker of the House has died.


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This information was obtained at ushistory.org, us consulate.org.hk, and usflag.org

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