How To: Make Sun (Sweet) Tea

Today’s “How To” is How To: Make Sun (sweet) Tea!  I put the word sweet in parentheses because you don’t have to make sweet tea, but I love it!

What You’ll Need:

A Container to hold the water (preferably with a lid)


About 5 Tea Bags



Because the tea needs as much sun as possible, I made this at 10am!  I started by using one of my Moms glass containers and filling it with water.  I used glass because it was going to be sitting in the sun all day and I just don’t trust plastic.  I went to the backyard and sat the water down in the area that brings in the most sun!

sun tea

I used Lipton tea.  I really like how lipton tea tastes while making sweet tea.  However, you can use whatever tea you have in your house.   I used 5 Lipton tea bags and just sat them on top of the water, then added the lid back on.

sun tea

*5 Hours later*

At approximately 3pm I went outside to add my sugar and this is what the tea looked like!  Now, depending where you live and how much sun you get, the time can either be shorter or longer.

sun tea

Because this is a big jog of water, I added 1 1/2 cups of sugar and stirred.  Now, I want to remind you that it’s sweet tea, therefore the tea needs more sugar than you would add to normal tea.  The sweeter the tea, the more sugar you add!  I had the tea sit for an hour longer so the sugar can combine with the tea.  Sugar cubes can also be added!

sun tea

This is what it looked like an hour later!

sun tea

There is no more sugar at the bottom so it’s ready to take inside!

Take the tea bags out, and throw them in the trash, as you will no longer be needing them.

Pour your tea in a glass, add some ice cubes, and there you have it–your own sweet sun tea!

I set the rest of the tea in the refrigerator so I can enjoy some cold sweet tea whenever I wanted to!


Hope you have fun making your own sun tea! Until next time…


stay classy

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