Summer Bucket List #1- Completed

My first bucket list task of the summer was completed!! Incidentally happened to also be number 1 on my bucket list!

1.Watch Fireworks with Friends

We can officially scratch that off the list Summer Bucket List of 2016! 🙂


On the day, I decided to sport by Reagan/Bush ’84, yoga pants (because it was a bit chilly), my white high-top converse, and none other than red nail polish in the color fishnet stockings by essie.

Some of my close friends came over to my house to hang out and watch the fireworks.  But before that, I had bought some sparklers at a stand near by so we all had something to get us excited before the actual fireworks commenced.


We played around with as many sparklers as we can; pretending to be children again without a care in the world.  We were taking pictures and writing our names with the sparklers!  I had such a blast, and I’m glad I was also able to cross one thing off of my bucket list!  Hope you all had a very fun, safe, and festive Independence Day!


stay classy

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