4th Of July Outfit

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I get to celebrate the Freedom of my country, and I just love fireworks!  Every year I have to wear something Red, White, and Blue in honor of our amazing country! This year I thought I’d share one of my picks for the day.

4th of July

It’s been abnormally hot for Southern California lately, I thought that I’d go for something a little more comfortable than a dress.  Dresses are nice and cute however, they can get a little uncomfortable when the weather is not on your side.  Shorts are great for the heat, and there is little to no chafing!

Shirt– Naturally, a shirt with your country’s name on it or the flag is the way to go.  Because of the Olympics in just a little over a month, I thought I would buy this shirt because I can wear it while watching the television rooting for our Olympians.

Shorts– The Buttercup shorts by Lilly Pulitzer are a classic. I actually own two pairs of Buttercup shorts in different patterns.  I thought it would make the outfit a little more girly and fancy!

Hat– I love this hat! It’s very cute and stylish, and it will keep that harsh sun off of your face so you’re not bright red the next day.

Shoes– I mean, converse is the American shoe, am I right? I really cannot think of another sneaker that says America quite like good ol’ Chuck Taylors.

Necklace– This necklace adds a little bling and sparkle to your wardrobe.  It’s subtle and sweet and goes will with cute studs.

Nail Polish–  Essie is my favorite nail polish brand.  It stays on for a whole week, which is really rare for other brands.  Although I paint my nails according to the season that we’re in, I always make an exception for the Fourth and paint my nails red (a color that I would usually pick for the autumn/winter seasons) to celebrate this great holiday!

I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th!! 🙂

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