Movie Review: The Longest Week Review

This month has been extremely hectic therefore, was not able to read a book.  Instead I have a movie review!  The movie is called The Longest Week.  It came out in 2014 and stars Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde.

the longest week

Jason Bateman plays a character named Conrad Valmont who comes from a life of privilege, never having to work a day in his life.  Receiving weekly allowances from his parents, all the while living on their dime.

the longest week

Olivia Wide plays a character named Beatrice Fairbanks who was classically trained on the piano as a young child, and was brought up to be a refined young women.  Wanting to become a jazz player but models even though it is not what I would like to describe as her “calling”.

Their week-long love affair is definitely one for the books (you’ll have to watch to find out why)!


I absolutely adored this movie.  This is a comedy-drama dealing with “rich people problems” and also problems dealing with relationships, abandonment, friendship, and in a way self worth.  This is not a normal movie I would see, but the title was intriguing and I love Jason Bateman.  This “love” story within this is realistic with this struggles of the characters and the chemistry between Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde is great.  By the end the perpetual child that is Jason Bateman’s character, really kind of grows up and has a sort of “enlightening”.  This is a much recommended movie!  Rated PG-13 and only 1hour and 26minutes long, you can watch it with your kids or just by yourself!


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