Kylie Lip Kits

Recently, I bought some Kylie Lip Kits.  I have been thinking about buying them for a few months now, and because they are on the pricier side, I wanted to make sure that I really wanted them and wouldn’t regret spending this kind of money.

kylie lip kits

I ended up buying two lip kits– one a brown color called Dolce K, and the order, an true red color called Mary Jo K they are both part of Kylie Jenner’s Matte collection.  I knew that Mary Jo K would look nice on me because I do own several red lipsticks, but I was very skeptical about Dolce K, because I had never tried a brown shade before, usually leaning towards reds and pinks. However, I love how the Dolce K looks on me, and it really brings out the caramel color in my eyes as well as my freckles!

kylie lip kits

kylie lip kits



The lip liners are very smooth, and easy to glad over your lip.

kylie lip kits

I ordered my lip kits on a Monday, when Kylie restocked, and received my Kits on Wednesday.  I’m very fortunate that the Lip Kit production facility is just a few hours away in Oxnard, Ca therefore I got mine in the mail pretty fast.

A few weeks later my sister, Mia decided to order from the Matte collection as well, purchasing a pink color called Posie K.  She ordered it on a Saturday, and received it on Thursday the next week.  Receiving it, it is more of a purple toned pink than we both originally thought.

My favorite lip color is Dolce K.  It has proved to last the longest of all of the rest of the matte lip kits. The Dolce K actually brings out my brown eyes, which is a definite plus.  Having brown eyes, it’s harder to find different makeup products to really bring them out.

kylie lip kit

Mia wearing the Dolce K

kylie lip kit

Me wearing Posie K

Kylie Lip Kit

Me wearing Mary Jo K

The downfall to these matte lip kits are, because oil based makeup removers are usually what remove water-proof makeup, they easily come off when eating oil based foods such as hamburgers.

kylie lip kits

All in all, I really enjoy my lip kits (and Mia’s haha).  I am very happy that I bought them!


stay classy


**All of these photos were taken by my lovely sister, Mia!**

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