Back To School Outfits

As summer comes to a close (and a lot of schools have already started their years) I thought I’d put together some clothes for the upcoming year!  This month’s have become hotter for longer periods of time, so there are a lot more items for summer rather than in the fall and winter months! I went with more comfortable outfits than stylish (because we’re not there to put on a fashion show, but to learn) and there’s not better way to learn than to be comfortable in what you’re wearing! Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration!

back to school outfits



Lilly Pulitzer Romper


Victoria’s Secret Pink



H&M jeans

Nike Running pants

Zella leggings


Calvin Klein Cotton Shirt

Target Women’s Tencel Tunic

H&M Off the Shoulder Blouse

Vineyard Vines



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stay classy

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